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Frank Turner
Recording Artist
Multi million Selling


"Dave was a life-saver - after prolonged time off and getting older, I
was struggling with my voice coming back to shows and tour schedule. He
set me back on the right path and taught me a world of stuff I didn't
know about my voice, 20 years into a singing career."

Sylvia Mwenze
Backing Singer/Arranger/Artist
(Rag'n Bone Man/Peter Andre/Celeste)

"Dave Dolling was my tutor/vocal coach for four years. He helped and guided me through live performances, helping me find my strengths and weaknesses and taught me music theory that I now use today. I developed vocal nodules and had to go back to Dave for vocal therapy; he helped me get back to full vocal ability!  I am a professional backing vocalist and arranger, and I can proudly say that if it wasn’t for Dave’s time and dedication, helping me strengthen my vocal ability, I wouldn’t have the dream career I’m living today. I Strongly recommend Dave Dolling to anyone as their vocal coach!” 

Steph Carter

Recording Artist & Educator

(Gallows/Ghost Riders in the Sky/Lyoness)

"Dave is an incredibly driven and passionate teacher. Having worked with Dave, I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor to support and coach me to become the teacher I am today. From planning to delivery, from classroom management to quality processes, you cannot find a better educator.

A calm, patient, positive vocal coach. As someone who had never sung before, Dave made me feel very comfortable, very confident and helped me to really relax into what I thought would be an awkward embarrassing ordeal. I loved the session and that was down to Dave."

Mario Lottari (Luckie)

“Dave played an enormous role in helping me understand how to use my voice and to communicate a message with it.

The lessons he taught me have stuck with me to this day and shaped the way I look after my voice and think about performance. “

Solo Artist

"Dave Dolling was my music teacher at college (2012 to 2014). He always pushed me to do my best at everything I did.

He always paid attention to detail in terms of what our vocals needed and what we could improve on.

I even had the pleasure of singing at his wedding and that was such an amazing experience! 

I would recommend vocal lessons from Dave any day because he will always make sure you do your best and push you past your limits."

“I have known David for over 20 years, whether he is working as an Instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter or educator, he consistently operates at the highest standards with maximum enthusiasm and energy…

The connsumate professional!”

Richard Spooner (Doc Spoons)
Drummer//Recording artist - Sony records

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